Robert Rosenwald, Publisher, The Poisoned Pencil

Robert Rosenwald

Robert Rosenwald

Robert Rosenwald is the publisher of the Poisoned Pencil as well as its parent company, Poisoned Pen Press (one of the largest publishers of hardcover mystery books for adults in the country). Robert graduated from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, N.M. in 1969 and after a number of entrepreneurial endeavors finally settled into publishing. Happily married to Barbara Peters, Robert spends his days buried under his desk—or possibly under the mountain of computers at his desk that surround him.

After a decade and a half heading up Poisoned Pen Press, Rosenwald characterizes his approach as a book publisher as follows: “Because I care a great deal about the proper use of language and its importance, about four or five years after we launched Poisoned Pen Press in 1997 I began to have a pipe dream that someday we would have a young adult imprint. I saw this as a vehicle for providing mystery novels for young adults with high-quality, well-written, well-edited, thoroughly enjoyable stories. Aside from the sales potential, of which I was unsure, I felt that we might in some small way help contribute to overall literacy in the U.S.

Long-time colleague Ellen Larson and our then-publisher at Poisoned Pen Press, Jessica Tribble, began the search for our first titles. It is hard to express how pleased I am with the publication of Death Spiral by Janie Chodosh in April, soon to be followed by Disconnected by Lisa Cronkhite in June, Jesus Jackson by James Ryan Daley in September, and Mr. Samuel’s Penny by Treva Hall Melvin this November.

Young Adult or not, I think we have four great stories coming in 2014 and more lined up for 2015. I hope other readers will agree.”