This week’s blog is by M Evonne Dobson, the author of Chaos Theory, released from the Poison Pencil on Feb – 2015. Kathryn Burak, Edgar Awards finalist calls it “…a great YA mystery from a promising new voice.” Check out her webpage at, friend her author Facebook page at M Evonne Dobson and her personal twitter account @meg_evonne.

Proms—love ‘em or hate ‘em—no one forgets them. Everyone remembers the equal part fear and excitement shopping for the dress or picking out the tux.

That’s for most people. Kami, meh—not so much. She’s a scientist, who NASCAR pit stops in the bathroom, often leaving her hair an un-brushed mess. As far as high fashion couture? Let’s be kind—it’s lacking because a test tube doesn’t care.

Kami is the protagonist in my recent Poisoned Pencil young adult crime fiction, Chaos Theory. For this blog post, I could create conflict with gun totting drug dealers, but I did that in Chaos Theory. No, I’m digging deep! I’m plummeting into the depth to find what would scare the crap out of my main protagonist. PROM!

And what a blast!

Cover of Chaos Theory, by M Evonne Dobson

Cover of Chaos Theory, by M Evonne Dobson

Every person is different just like my five crime fighters. Our hopes and fears vary based on who we are at a molecular DNA level and by our emotional/physical environment as we grew. Humans are complex things: introvert or extrovert, detail orientated or shoot at the hip, need to work with a view or is a windowless cubical perfect? Fashion choices reflect our personalities.

I wanted to find the perfect prom fashion style for my five high school crime fighters Kami, Daniel, Gavin, Sam, and Sandy. And it’s a chance for you to win a free copy of my book. Here’s a few hints to help you match the outfit with the character on my Facebook quiz (poll section – left hand side, partway down, blue circle with the yellow checklist.) Then enter by following the instructions below!

  1. Sam the research blogger/journalist and gossip girl Sandy are hooked at the hip, lip locked whenever possible. If Sandy has her way, the dress and his tux will coordinate in some way. Sandy’s sexy but not complicated, and has an artistic flair.
  2. Sam isn’t conventional and won’t care. It’ll be Sandy who has him spiffed up to her specifications if she has to drag him to the shop herself. In fact, she would anyway.
  3. Daniel’s the warrior guy—commando would be fine, but he’s got this straight laced way of looking at life—like a military officer. Sharp and conservative, and he’s got the money to go top of the line.
  4. Suave Hollywood Gavin with the 10,000 watt smile is a computer hacker—so whatever he chooses? It’s going to be slightly off from the norm—and it’s going to have Style with a capitol S because that’s who he is.
  5. As to my main character Kami, the NASCAR-pit-stop couture scientist? She’ll hate shopping. Sandy will have to drag her kicking and screaming if Kami even agrees to go to the prom. Even so there’s an esthetic as an author that I can’t overlook, so all three (Daniel, Gavin, & Kami) will be color coordinated or complement each other.

 To see the prom outfits that I chose for them, visit Facebook at M Evonne Dobson and leave a comment for an entry to a free book giveaway of Chaos Theory. And good luck on your own prom plans!

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 And I set up a book giveaway last week too, so read my last blog post too.

 And enjoy prom whether you go with the love of your life, or a group of friends. Be safe this prom season.