This week’s blog is by M Evonne Dobson, the author of Chaos Theory, released from the Poison Pencil on Feb – 2015. Kathryn Burak, Edgar Awards finalist calls it “…a great YA mystery from a promising new voice.” Check out her webpage at, friend her author Facebook page at M Evonne Dobson and her personal twitter account @meg_evonne.

Paperclips are your best accessory. When things fall apart on a class assignment, reach for a paperclip. Pick a pretty color, an unusual size, a different type. I mean they come in neon colors and shiny brass and aluminum! When you need to control life, grab one of those lobster claw ones. Now that will keep your world organized and sane.

Do you want your project to stand out? Choose your accessories well. Don’t fall into the trap that what you love, someone else will. Mr. Spritz the math instructor won’t think your sparkly pink paperclip amusing. Mrs. Tarrant, the business management teacher? Oh how she loves a good solid black or brass lobster claw!

In my book Chaos Theory, the main character Kami loves paperclips. She likes people to fit into neat, organized packets secured by one. However, chaotic systems, such as weather and humans, are tricky things. They have secret rules where control and prediction is impossible. That is a world where a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can lead to a tornado in Texas.

Border.Moranville.ReviewKami is turned upside down with the death of her grandmother; she takes the evidence of it and crams it into her school locker, unable to face what shatters her life. On top of it she layers mementos and junk until it tumbles out. But that flap of a butterfly wing is there, lurking at the base. And her friends complicate things, adding to the chaos. She’s falling from a stretched tight line over a fatal chasm looking far below to people that Kami desperately wants to see as logical units of distant data. But they aren’t, and they can’t be. They are human. When those data sets leap up to bite her in the butt? She’s going to fall.

Contest Alert!

What do you do when your world explodes? When no paperclip can put it back in order? What do you do after a fight with your best friend? What do you do when your family comes apart at the seams with divorce? How do you cope with the embarrassing moments at school that make you want to curl up in your locker and hide? I want to know. Use the Comment feature below to give me your best advice, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for an autographed copy of Chaos Theory! Earn an extra entry if you can find the secret clue on the cover of the book and email me via my website. Hint, look at the locker number. Complete the poll on my Facebook page, leave a comment, and you’ll be entered a third time. That’s three chances to win!Chaos-Theory-1