Cover image of Mr. Samuel's Penny

Author: Treva Hall Melvin

Published Date: Dec. 9 2014

Description: It’s 1972 and fourteen-year-old New Yorker Elizabeth Landers is sent to the sleepy town of Ahoskie, North Carolina to spend the summer with her Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Her expectation of small town boredom is quickly dispelled when police sirens draw her to a horrible scene at the Danbury Bridge. Mr. Samuel, owner of Samuel’s Lumber Yard, has driven his car off the bridge and into the river, drowning himself and his baby daughter. His wife, the beautiful Miss Violet, is overcome with grief at this double loss. The medical examiner thinks it’s an accident, but the Sheriff finds fresh bullet holes on the bridge right where the skid marks are. The Sheriff confides in Lizbeth’s Aunt Alice that Mr. Samuel died clutching a 1909 wheat penny—and that the penny has been stolen. Lizbeth, eavesdropping on the conversation, decides she will help Miss Violet by finding the missing wheat penny.

ISBN: 978-1929345045

Published Date: Dec. 9 2014

Pages: 250 pages

Formats: Paperback, ebook