In high school, Meg’s claim to fame was being the Story County, Iowa, Cowgirl Queen (Alternate). The deal was that the Cowgirl Queen had to perform a sort of Queen of England wave with a Hail Hitler punch outward from your cowboy hat as you raced your horse around the arena looking sexy and poised. Sadly, neither the actual winning Cowgirl Queen nor her horse broke legs, so that was that.

When Meg graduated from college, someone advised her to make a list of things she wanted to do in life and where she wanted to live, and then go do it. She did them all in record time, because that’s what she does. The summer after college she tried hot Arizona, where she groomed and harnessed International Polish Arabian Champion horses in exchange for riding time. Dehydrated from the heat, she returned to Iowa, where she worked as an assistant manager at a western tack store. She still loves the smell of leather.

Diving back into knee-deep horse manure, she next managed a riding academy in North Carolina, with ten school horses and more students than she could count. Much as she loved the students, the bitter cold drove her to seek better pay, with benefits. She took a job that let her work with her second joy in life—books—as the manager, with a warm and toasty office, of the largest B Dalton Bookseller between DC and Atlanta. Life took her to Illinois before returning her to Iowa where she still lives. She also has a writing studio in Scottsdale, AZ.

These days her family is her first love, but horses and writing remain close seconds. She lives in the country on six acres with a beautiful horse she trained herself, a slightly neurotic blue merle Shetland Sheepdog, and a ghost cat that no one sees but her. Occasional tenants include her sister’s Norwegian Fjord horse, a blue heron, a red-tailed hawk, a family of hoot owls, several deer, coyotes, and raccoons. She loves it.


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