As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, Janie Chodosh wanted to major in “all things interesting,” a field that included courses in biology, ecology, natural resources management, creative writing, and poetry. After college Janie moved to Yosemite National Park, where she worked as a naturalist and educator and learned to rock climb, back country ski, and entertain herself with nothing more than a field guide, a trail, and a pair of binoculars.

As a graduate student in the University of Montana’s environmental studies program, the list of “all things interesting” expanded to include Spanish and environmental education. For her thesis, she traveled to a rural community on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico to develop an environmental education program focusing on neo-tropical migratory songbirds (a fancy title for birds that breed in the north and winter south of the border). At thirty, Janie moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to work first as the education director for the state Audubon Society and later as a teacher.

During her formative years, and even when she was studying everything else under the sun, Janie always wanted to be a writer. (If you don’t believe her, you are invited to check out the boxes and boxes of stories, diaries, poems, plays, and random thoughts she has written since she could first hold a pencil). Janie is also a scientist wannabe, but once she realized she only liked to muck around in the cool places and would never actually be a real scientist, she married one instead.

When not writing, Janie like to hang out with her family, rock climb, try to garden in the arid southwest, bird watch, travel, and attempt to play Klezmer music on her violin. 


Books by Janie Chodosh at the Poisoned Pencil

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