Don’t Do It!

 A plea to authors who think about self-pubbing books they intend to later submit to traditional publishers.  This week’s blog touches on a subject that didn’t exist five years ago. That’s how fast our industry is changing. I’d like to hear... read more

Cover Reveal: Chaos Theory

This week we are pleased to reveal the wonderful cover of Chaos Theory, a young adult murder mystery by M Evonne Dobson, and the fifth book published by The Poisoned Pencil.  Title: Chaos Theory Author: M. Evonne Dobson Publication Date: February 10, 2015 Synopsis:... read more

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love YA

The week’s blog is by author James Ryan Daley, whose YA murder mystery, Jesus Jackson, was published last week by the Poisoned Pencil. James gives his thoughts on his evolution toward the young adult genre, and why he feels it offers the greatest level... read more

How to Make a Book Trailer that Doesn’t Suck

This week’s blog is by James Ryan Daley, whose young adult mystery, Jesus Jackson, is being released today. “The book excels, sidestepping holier-than-thou rhetoric and addressing the pain of loss head-on as well as painting a wonderful depiction of a... read more

Multiple Reasons to Avoid Multiple POV

The blog title gives it away: I’m not a big fan of multiple POV. Except, of course, when the transitions between voices are brilliant and make my head spin with joy. I’ve even read about four multiple POV books that have had that effect on me in my life.  Your mileage... read more

More Thoughts on Plotting: Coincidence

This week, an essay by Poisoned Pencil Editor Ellen Larson on coincidence in ploting In the past week, I’ve had discussions with three different writers about the use of coincidence in plotting. It’s a coincidence (right?) that the same subject came up three times in... read more

Cover Reveal: Mr. Samuel’s Penny

This week the Poisoned Pencil is proud to reveal the cover of Mr. Samuel’s Penny, our fourth release. Set in post-Civil-Rights-Era North Carolina, Mr. Samuel’s Penny is a gentle coming-of-age book for all ages. Title: Mr. Samuel’s Penny Author: Treva Hall... read more

Musings on Writers Guidelines

This week’s blog by Poisoned Pencil editor Ellen Larson  is about the very dry topic of Writers’ Guidelines. In particular, the Poisoned Pencil guidelines, and why I really do need to read the cover letter first, the synopsis second, and (maybe) the book itself third.... read more

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness: Teens Empower Themselves

Here is the second of two blog entries by Lisa M. Cronkhite, author of the just-released YA mystery, Disconnected, the second title to be released by The Poisoned Pencil . This wildly original book is a walk through the mind of a seventeen-year-old who suffers in... read more

Mental Illness and the Internet: Blessing or Curse?

Today is a very special Tuesday for the Poisoned Pencil. It is the publication date for Disconnected, a young adult mystery by Lisa M. Cronkhite. This wildly original book is a walk through the mind of a seventeen-year-old who suffers in silence from mental illness,... read more